2nd Session : Polymer electrolyte materials for PEFC

As part of the Oman Hydrogen Centre’s (OHC) dedication to increasing awareness and serving as a knowledge hub in Oman, we continue to make commitments. We’re thrilled to share that our initiative, the Technical Talks Series, had its second session online on November 20th, 2023, as part of our partnership with Birba for the Green Hydrogen Summit and Exhibition.


Professor Masamichi Nishihara from the International Research Center for Hydrogen Energy at Kyushu University, Japan introduced insightful information and valuable knowledge on advanced polymer electrolyte materials for PEFC applications, emphasizing their high performance and durability as alternatives to conventional power systems for various applications such as transportation, where he mentioned that electrification of transportation sector is important for decarbonization.

In addition, Professor Nishihara presented various technical details embraced the working concept of polymer electrolytes fuel cell, the technical problems of polymer electrolytes materials and the degradation of PEMs.


The host of this session is Dr. Sausan Al Riyami, the director of Oman Hydrogen Centre. The session was delivered online to keep the Technical Talks series as public as possible and to maintain smooth cooperation with local and international speakers.


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