Exploring Sustainability: Oman’s Exciting Week

Welcome to Oman Sustainability Week (OSW), a dynamic hub of sustainable innovation! From April 28th to May 1st, the esteemed Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre played host to this extraordinary event, bringing together industry pioneers and visionaries from diverse sectors including future energy, power, water, waste, mobility, and the environment. Participants seized the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and gain insights into cutting-edge technologies driving sustainability not only in Oman but also beyond its borders.

In a truly groundbreaking move, Dhofar Hydrom unveiled green hydrogen projects worth a staggering $11 billion in Dhofar. Congratulations are in order for the second winning project, developed in collaboration with Actis and Fortescue. This eco-friendly initiative not only meets local demand but also paves the way for international export via the Port of Salalah.

During the Technical Talks sessions, our colleague Eng Zuhoor AL Rashdi, supported by Dr. Hind Barghash’s expertise, presented joint work with the Oman Hydrogen Centre (OHC) on “Environmental Feasibility Study for Hydrogen Production Technologies from Wastewater Treatment Plants as an Option for Decarbonization”.

Excitement continued to mount with the esteemed partner from NZIIC UK, Dr. Kumar Patchigolla, visitng the Oman Hydrogen Centre (OHC). Under the leadership of our colleague Dr. Najah Al Mahanna, we showcased the progress in our cooperation to the ASAYD technical team, furthering maritime decarbonization solutions for Sultanate of Oman.

The winners of the “Your Drive to Change” competition were officially announced during the Netherlands Kings Day event on April 30th. We extend special thanks to Eiman Chahhoud and Loma Al Attaissi for their outstanding efforts.

The celebration didn’t stop there; it extended to Shell Nawafidh 2023/2024 alumni for their unwavering commitment to sustainability. Under the leadership of our colleague Dr. Ahmed Hadidi and supported by Patricia Silva Rodrigues, Isabel Zengerle, and Wanas Alwahaibi, their contributions were commendable.

Huge thanks to our incredible team members: Maather AL Qasmi, Shadha Al Kharusi, Nawaf Al-Aisaee, Yousuf Al Siyabi, Abdulaziz Al Marhoobi, Abdullah Jaboub, and Amru Al Lawi for their tremendous support. Their dedication and hard work have been instrumental in making Oman Sustainability Week an unforgettable success!

OHC team express heartfelt gratitude to the Oman Sustainability Week (OSW) committee members for their exceptional leadership and dedication.


Again, join us in celebrating our ongoing commitment to sustainability. Together, we’re shaping a greener, brighter future for generations to come.

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