Energizing Sustainability: Collaborative Solutions for Oman’s Energy Future

In collaboration between the University of Technology and Applied Sciences – Muscat (UTAS-Muscat) and the Oman Hydrogen Centre (OHC), a techno-economic study proposing a hydropower plant in the Sohar Port water channel has been recognized at the Symposium on ‘Scope of Renewable Energy Systems & Green Hydrogen Applications’ (SORESA 2024). This joint effort, awarded Best Paper Presentation, highlights the critical role of partnerships and interdisciplinary collaboration in driving renewable energy innovation and sustainability.

Final-year engineering students from UTAS-Muscat led by Dr. Mohammed Al Saidi and supported by OHC, the study assesses the technical and economic feasibility of harnessing hydroelectric power from the water flow in Sohar Port’s water channel. Presented at SORESA 2024, the research intrigued audiences with its innovative approach and potential real-world impact, demonstrating the significant benefits of collaborative efforts in the energy sector.

‘We are thrilled to receive this award and are proud of our collaborative work,’ said Khalid Al Hafi, a team member. ‘By pooling our resources and learning outcomes, we conducted a thorough study that contributes significantly to the advancement of renewable energy systems and green hydrogen applications.’

The successful partnership between UTAS-Muscat, OHC, and Majis Industrial Services Company, which provided essential data, exemplifies the spirit of cooperation in pursuing sustainable development goals. Together, these institutions have demonstrated the transformative potential of interdisciplinary research and innovation in advancing a more sustainable and resilient energy future for Oman and beyond.

“We commend the students and experts involved in this collaborative effort for their outstanding achievement and dedication to advancing renewable energy solutions,’ stated Dr. Mohammed Al Saidi, Assistant Professor at UTAS-Muscat, and Visiting Senior Researcher at OHC. ‘Their success at SORESA 2024 underscores the importance of collaboration and partnership in tackling complex energy challenges and accelerating the transition to a sustainable and carbon-neutral future”.

Looking ahead, the collaborative research between UTAS-Muscat, OHC, and Majis Industrial Services Company is set to continue, with a sustained commitment to enhancing knowledge and innovation in renewable energy systems and green hydrogen applications. Through ongoing collaboration and cooperation, these institutions aim to drive positive change and contribute significantly to Oman’s energy transition journey.

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