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2024 Oman Business Forum

The Sultanate of Oman’s dedication to innovation and progress took center stage at the 2024 Oman Business Forum, held on May 20, 2024. This prestigious event marked a significant milestone in Oman’s economic development, emphasizing the nation’s commitment to fostering a dynamic, sustainable, and investor-friendly economy.

The theme “Green Dreams: Green Economy and Sustainability” underscored Oman’s commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation by prioritizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. This focus on ESG not only promotes balanced growth but also attracts conscientious investors dedicated to long-term sustainability.

Oman is actively working to attract new investments and cultivate a seamless business environment. These efforts position Oman as a prime destination for both local and international investors. The 2024 Oman Business Forum is a testament to the proactive steps Oman is taking to enhance its economic landscape and invite global participation.

Join us in celebrating the 10th edition of The Business Year and explore Oman’s bright future at the Oman Business Forum.

For more detailed insights and developments, you can go through the full edition of The Business Year Oman. (PDF)

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