A CertifHy Steering Committee Member

We are proud to announce that Our Director Dr. Sausan Al Riyami was selected as a CertifHy Steering Committee Member in representing NGOs, the Public Sector, and academia. CertifHy is a leading European company that has developed high-quality Hydrogen certification schemes across Europe, CertifHy™certificates, that will support Hydrogen’s market growth as they are a reliable tool for consumers to track Hydrogen’s origin and environmental attributes. CertifHy Plenary Session was in part dedicated to the election of CertifHy’s new Steering Committee. 15 newly elected and selected members of the Steering Committee were announced. This marks the beginning of a new governance model that will be effective from January 1st, 2024. Congratulations to the following individuals who have been entrusted with this important role: Pool 1: Members representing Hydrogen Producers and Processors
  • Imane Haihal Benmedakhene from Total Energies
  • Rose de Lannoy from ENGIE Hydrogen
  • Dr. Timo Eickelkamp from RWE Generation SE
  • Alexandru Floristean from Hy24 Partners
  • Johanna Friese from Tree Energy Solutions (TES)
Pool 2: Members representing Hydrogen Traders, Logistic Operators, and Users
  • Agnes Dudek from Yara
  • Dirk Focroul from Fluxys
  • Maximilian Kühn, PhD from Hydrogen Europe
  • Tom Strengers from SkyNRG
  • Zuzana Vrbova from ACT Commodities
Pool 3: Members representing NGOs, the Public Sector, and Academia
  • Sausan Al-Riyami, (Sc.D) from Oman Hydrogen Centre
  • Mikaa Blugeon-Mered from Mohammed VI Polytechnic University
  • Timo Bollerhey from H2Global/Hintco
  • Ioan Iordache from ICMET CRAIOVA
  • Phil Moody from EnergyTag

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