The objective of this study is to synthetize, characterize and test nanomaterials for wastewater treatment. The nanomaterials synthesized will be chosen depending on the wastewater of choice. High purity water is necessary for green hydrogen production through water electrolysis. Seawater desalination and wastewater treatment are good options for pure water production. Nevertheless, each of these processes have their pros and cons. While seawater desalination is highly energy intensive, wastewater treatment is more complex in nature. Additionally, seawater composition is uniform, while wastewater has different types or categories depending on the wastewater source. Each wastewater type has different composition requiring different wastewater treatment processes. This study is a cooperation between OHC and Nanotechnology Research Center at Sultan Qaboos University.

(Jun. 2022 – Jun.2023)


– Fatema AL Hajri, Research Assistant, Oman Hydrogen Centre, GUtech

– Dr. Sausan Al-Riyami, Director of OHC, Oman Hydrogen Centre, GUtech

– Dr. Mohammed Al Abri, Director of Nanotechnology Research Center, SQU