ASYAD is requesting Oman Hydrogen Centre in publishing a special report showcasing the following objectives and success factors:

The role of Ports in becoming the Hydrogen Hubs utilizing its existing infrastructure or with new built infrastructure.

• How could Omani Ports in particular support the Hydrogen Value Chain of the announced project in the region and the world.

• How can shipping help to expedite the Hydrogen value chain demand.

• Other areas that could show the role of logistics in the hydrogen business.

The intended publication of the brief report should coincide with the Oman Hydrogen Summit that is currently planned to be held from 5-7 December 2022 in Muscat.


(Sep.2022- Dec.2022, Funded by ASYAD Group)



– Cornelius Matthes, CEO, Dii Desert Energy

– Chiara Aruffo, Research Director, Dii Desert Energy

–  Dr. Sausan Al Riyami, OHC, GUtech